ePicker Work Assist Vehicles

A solution for every business scenario – these Work Assist Vehicles are ideal for various warehouse, e-Commerce, retail, and commercial applications to get the job done. Ranging from 12’ to 24’ working heights, ePicker units provide flexibility and safety for all operations.

ePicker Electric Access Vehicle

Electric Access Vehicle

Model JX0-118

Working Height up to 16’

ePicker Task Support Vehicle

Task Support Vehicle

Model JX1-126 / 162 / 192

Working Height up to 22′

ePicker JX1HD

Super Task Support Vehicle

Model JX1HD-162 / 210

Working Height up to 24’

ePicker Low Level Order Picker

Low Level Order Picker

Model JX2-72

Working height up to 12’

ePicker Mid Level Order Picker

Mid Level Order Picker

Model JX2-126 / 144

Working height up to 18’