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The Benefits of Planned Maintenance

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One of the best ways to reduce costs and maintain your material handling equipment is to have a planned maintenance program in place. Planned maintenance is an agreement to have a dealership service your forklifts on a regular basis. You may set up the frequency of maintenance based on preference and how much the equipment is used. Here are several reasons why planned maintenance will save your company time and money.

Service & Maintenance

Increased machine life. Regular maintenance will reduce the frequency and severity of repairs. Without proper maintenance, it is possible that your equipment could have more frequent problems, such as pump repairs and engine rebuilds.

Lower cost of repairs. Repairs are made on a “fix-before-fail” basis, minimizing cost and residual damage.

Service will be performed correctly. You will have an experienced technician at your location each time your unit is due for service. You won’t have to be concerned with the possibility of an inexperienced tech performing checks on the unit and you will be able to plan service in advance when the unit will not be in demand. A trained technician will have the proper skills and tools to work on your equipment. This will result in less down time for you.

Safety. Every service includes a multi-point safety and operations inspection to ensure the unit is not posing any potentially harmful threats to its operator. This inspection helps catch issues before they become a major safety concern or major repair.

Parts. When a trained technician is performing maintenance on your forklift, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that the parts and fluids going into the unit will meet OEM quality specifications to prolong the machine’s life. This also eliminates the need for your company to inventory oil and filters.

These are just a handful of ways planned maintenance will benefit your company in the long run. Contact your local forklift dealer to learn more about the benefits and costs associated with a regular planned maintenance agreement.

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