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How Forklifts Work

Toyota 8-Series Internal Combusion
Forklifts have several main components that are common from manufacturer to manufacturer. They contain the same general assemblies that allow the machine to move forward and backward as well as lift and lower. The frame of a forklift is the base to which all key components attach, including the mast and counterweight. Sometimes the fuel and hydraulic tanks are included in the frame assembly. Th...
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How to Identify Your Forklift

Forklift Datatag
In the material handling industry, there are numerous brands of forklift. If you need to buy parts for one of your forklifts, you will need to know important information such as its complete model and serial numbers. Why? Having this information ensures the parts associate you speak to gets the right parts for your equipment. Different forklift brands have their model and serial number informat...
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Forklift Seats 101

Forklift Seat Belt
Sooner or later the seats on your forklift will need replacing. They may be damaged by tools during use or simply wear out. Constant use, dirt, dust and moisture all contribute to the breakdown of a forklift seat. But what should you replace it with? Forklift seats come in a variety of options from basic pan or frame style seats, to full suspension seats with different coverings such as vinyl o...
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Are OEM Parts Really Better than Aftermarket Parts?

Toyota Genuine Parts
There is no doubt the cost of forklift ownership can be high, particularly when it comes to keeping your equipment in good shape. One thing you may be considering is purchasing aftermarket parts for your forklift instead of Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts to save a little money. While this may seem tempting, there are several reasons why purchasing OEM parts is a better option. Equipm...
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