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What to Know if You Want to Buy a Forklift

Want to Buy a Forklift
You've decided you want to buy a forklift. Great! You sit down at your computer and fire up your favorite search engine to begin your search. But wait! There are a few things you should know before you start looking. Here are some of the forklift basics you should know before you get started. 1) What is the maximum weight of the load that you will need to lift? Knowing the average load weig...
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Should I Buy or Lease a Forklift?

Buying Vs. Leasing Forklifts
The question of whether to buy or lease a forklift comes up frequently when companies are considering adding or replacing material handling equipment, and there are several reasons why each option is beneficial. Reasons to Buy If the equipment will have light duty, buying may allow you to stretch the life cycle of the forklift far beyond the typical 7 year depreciation schedule. It is not un...
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