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battery watering system

Small Ways to Make Your Forklift Work for You

Service & Maintenance
Productivity and operator safety are usually the top concerns of a company that utilizes forklifts on a daily basis. It's always important to have a reputable service department that will perform regular maintenance on your forklifts and remedy any safety concerns. But as time goes by, your equipment will become worn with use and age and it's not always possible to buy brand new equipment. How...
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Maximizing the Life of Your Forklift Battery

Batteries are an extremely efficient and clean method of providing power to a forklift. However, they are often overlooked when maintaining an industrial fleet. Electric forklifts are unique in their maintenance needs, but if properly taken car of they are highly reliable machines. And like any energy source, batteries can cause damage and injury if improperly handled. Here are some tips on how to...
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