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Fleet Management

SMH Fleet Services was founded to provide our customers a new experience in material handling fleet management. Our fleet management system is more than just software and hardware. We believe in using open collaboration of factual information. Our experienced and dedicated team will work collectively with our customers to achieve your goals rapidly. Let us show you how SMH Fleet Services can give you a new fleet management experience.

Why Choose Us?

Our Approach

For effective fleet management, it is vital to know our clients’ expectations. We listen first. Then our team crafts a plan that prioritizes and targets the critical areas.

Our Resources

People do business with people. At SMH Fleet Services, we dedicate a team of experienced individuals to walk with you through the entire process.

Our Results

Documented results demonstrate our proven track record. Our clients are happy to share their success stories and experiences from working with our team.

SMH Central

SMH Central is more than just an online reporting tool. It’s been specifically designed for our users to readily visualize and understand critical and comprehensive information about their fleet. The secure online portal will allow you to see high-level statistical information about your fleet and drill down into detailed information on individual assets. SMH Central even gives users the ability to approve invoices before they are paid.



Telematics is a great way to automate data collection for your assets – reducing the overhead burden you would otherwise bear. SMH Fleet Services works with many suppliers and can find and implement the right solution tailored to your unique needs that will achieve your goals.

  • Analyze – We will survey your operation to help decide which type of hardware is best suited for your application.
  • Hardware Installation – Our services will ensure proper installation of all equipment and we will provide your operators and managers with the corresponding training to enable the most effective use.
  • SMH Central – Your data is collected, uploaded, validated and stored in SMH Central, where your information is made available to you online.
  • Reporting – Your fleet administrator will monitor the information and alert you when anything needs to be reviewed.

Learn & Educate

Many fleet management companies will speculate on how much you should save. SMH Fleet Services has compiled industry data that will help you understand where your fleet should be performing. Our suite of metrics will allow you to benchmark your data against similar customers in order to help drive best practices in your organization. We take the guesswork out of what is considered “Good.”


The SMH Experience

Fleet management is more than just the data we collect and the information we develop on behalf of the customer to enable the customer to make informed business decisions. This is only one ingredient to the solution. At SMH Fleet Services we pride ourselves on delivering value through the services we provide and help guide our clients to make the best decision possible for their unique situation. Through our proven solution of Dispatch, Audit and Review System, we walk with our clients from start to finish. Our thorough customer onboarding process ensures a successful product launch so that everyone involved clearly understands the goals set for all parties.


Centralized dispatch ensures effective business decisions on equipment disposition decisions and timely services that keep your costs down and profit up.


We ensure you only spend the amount you approved up front. SMH Fleet Services will monitor warranty, service and contract maintenance transactions.


Receive a personal briefing from the team on your fleet that address and identify how you are accomplishing your goals.