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Small Ways to Make Your Forklift Work for You

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Service & Maintenance

Productivity and operator safety are usually the top concerns of a company that utilizes forklifts on a daily basis. It’s always important to have a reputable service department that will perform regular maintenance on your forklifts and remedy any safety concerns. But as time goes by, your equipment will become worn with use and age and it’s not always possible to buy brand new equipment. However, your equipment can still perform safely at peak productivity with a few small updates. Here are some ways you can help make your forklift work for you.

1) Thoroughly wipe down the unit and check for damages to the overhead guard. Remove any outdated stickers and hanging papers that are no longer necessary to the unit or the operator.

2) Check the seat for tears or damage. If it is worn and full of tears, it is time to replace it.

3) Check the tires for chunks and wear. Never wait to replace tires after they’ve become worn or damaged. New tires will make a big difference in the safety and productivity of your operator.

4) Install blue safety lights on the front and back of your forklifts. These allow others in your warehouse to see the forklift easier, preventing accidents. These are easily installed by your service department with minimal down time.

5) Ask your local forklift service company about installing operator cooling fans and dedicated storage trays for items the operator needs to access quickly and often. These small changes can assist your operator and therefore raise productivity. These items can also be installed quickly with little down time.

6) If you have electric units, ask about having battery watering systems installed. This will make it quicker for the operator to water the battery and greatly prolong the life of the battery.

7) Side shifters are a useful addition to a forklift and have been know to create an immediate increase in productivity.

These are just a handful of ways you can update your forklift with minimal expense and down time. You’ll find your operator satisfaction will go up, along with your productivity levels. Contact your local forklift service dealership if you are interested in any of updates.

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