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Service & Maintenance

Service & Maintenance

Shoppa’s Mid America is committed to keeping your material handling fleet in top condition so you can maximize your productivity. Our facility is specifically designed to service the needs of lift truck and material handling business. From the welding station in our shop to the efficient layout of the parts, service, rental and sales areas, our facilities are fully-equipped to minimize your downtime. Some of the benefits of our service program include:

  • Over 30 Factory Trained Technicians with an average of 12 years experience
  • Premier service facility
  • Service provided at your location or our location
  • 20 fully-equipped mobile vans
  • Average response time under 3 hours
  • 24/7 mobile service
  • Discounted replacement rentals while your truck is in the shop

In addition, our e-learning training program provides constant training sessions to keep our technicians at the cutting edge of lift truck technology.

Planned Maintenance Programs

Toyota planned maintenance programs are the most complete and effective scheduled equipment maintenance programs available. Protecting your investment with scheduled maintenance is a great decision. We offer a variety of planned maintenance programs, all featuring skilled and professional factory trained technicians. Our scheduled maintenance programs are designed to optimize your equipment’s performance. Some of the features and benefits include:

  • Reduced down time
  • Identification of potential wear and tear and safety items early on allowing for repairs before they become costly
  • Regular maintenance and the use of quality OEM parts extends the life of the equipment

Program Features

Visual Inspection
An extensive visual inspection of your unit will be conducted on each Planned Maintenance visit. This inspection includes a variety of components such as the overhead guard, load backrest, chains, adjusters, forks, mast channels, lift cylinder, side shift cylinder, packing glands, etc. Tires will also be inspected for wear and damage.
Cleaning & Lubrication
On each Planned Maintenance visit, your unit will be cleaned thoroughly and all parts lubricated as needed. Technicians will remove the floor board, blow out the radiator core, clean the air unit, change oil and filters, clean and/or replace the air filter, lubricate all zerts, lubricate free the lift glide, inspect the transmission filter, check throttle linkage, inspect the battery, etc.
Mechanical Inspection
A complete mechanical inspection of your unit will also be conducted on each Planned Maintenance visit. This inspection includes the master cylinder level, master cylinder linkage, master cylinder bypass, drive axle fluid, transmission fluid, power steering linkage, plugs, points, wires, tilt cylinder mounting, clutch linkage, etc.
Operational Testing
Once the visual and mechanical inspections are done, and all maintenance, cleaning, and lubrication are complete, operational testing will be performed on the service brakes, parking brake, neutral switch, inching operation, steering, exhaust, noise, instruments, belts, hydraulic functions, horn, lights, alarm, hour meter, etc.