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Reach Trucks

  • 3,000-4,500 lbs. Lifting Capacity
  • Single and Double
Toyota 8-series Electric Reach Trucks revolutionize the way materials are handled when cube utilization is at a premium. From the versatility of the latest electronic control technology to the comfort and convenience of an ergonomically designed operator compartment, Toyota’s 8-series single reach and double reach trucks represent a dramatic approach to reach truck performance and quality.
Toyota Single and Double Reach Trucks


  • Bubble mat padding absorbs vibration to reduce foot and ankle fatigue.
  • Spacious Operator Compartment with 11″ low step height eases frequent entry and exit during the work shift for reduced body fatigue.
  • Cushioned Backrest, Armrest and Floor Mat are designed to limit fatigue and keep operators productive.
  • Polyurethane Drive Tire absorbs shocks caused by uneven floors to allow for smooth traveling.


  • AC Powered System delivers precise speed and torque control loaded or unloaded.
  • AC Hydraulic Control System provides fully variable lift/lower control for fast, efficient and smooth operation.
  • Multifunction Control Handle allows single-handed control of travel, lift/lower, tilt, reach/retract (including high speed), horn and optional sideshifter for simplified operation.
  • Electronic Power Steering provides quiet, effortless and responsive operation for precise maneuverability.

Ease of Service

  • Self-Diagnostics help maximize lift truck uptime by checking critical functions at start up.
  • Built-In Analyzer provides easy troubleshooting and eliminates the need for an external hand-held analyzer.
  • One-Piece Top Cover with interlocking door provides access to major components to reduce service time for inspection and maintenance.
  • Bolt-On Toe Boxes allow for easy wheel replacement without taking the truck out of service for extended periods of time.
  • Lift-Out Battery Gate and rollers facilitate fast removal and service.


  • Rugged Single or Double Reach Pantograph with high speed reach and retract increase reliability and performance.
  • Dual Articulating Polyurethane Load Wheels offer excellent durability, especially on uneven surfaces, for improved performance.
  • Unitized Frame Design provides optimum rigidity and strength on all 8-Series Reach Trucks.
  • Regenerative Braking improves overall efficiency and prolongs brake component life.

Specification Chart

ModelLoad Capacity* (lbs.)Voltage (V)Baselegs Opening I.D. (in.)Battery Compartment Width (in.)Maximum Fork Height (in.)Maximum Travel Speed Full Load/No Load (mph) Maximum Lift Speed Full Load/No Load (fpm)Maximum Lower Speed Full Load/No Load (fpm)
Single Reach
3,5003632 to 5014.4 or 16.4FSV to 2707.0/7.070/8580/80
Single Reach
4,5003632 to 5016.4 or 20.9FSV to 3667.3/7.365/10095/90
Double Reach
3,0003632 to 5016.4 or 20.9FSV to 3667.3/7.365/10095/90

* Based on 24″ load center.