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Terra® 4300B

Performance & Features

  • Superb maneuverability and tight turning radius permits cleaning in narrow, congested areas.
  • Right and left side brooms for improved productivity and versatility.
  • Tools-free interchangeable filters and brooms for application flexibility and easy maintenance.
  • Adjustable seat and steering column for ergonomic and safe operation.
  • Horizontal dust panel filter boasts 54 sqft of surface area for better dust control.
  • Four 6V batteries for maximum run-time.
Advance Terra® 4300B

Searching for a reliable and economical alternative to a push broom or walk-behind sweeper? Consider the easy-to-maneuver and operate Terra® 4300B compact rider sweeper. With a 46-inch sweep path and the ability to cover up to 60,720 sqft per hour, the Terra® 4300B rider sweeper offers increased productivity over walk-behind sweepers. The Terra® 4300B sweeper expertly sweeps both sides of a 48-inch aisle or hallway, and is designed for use both indoors and out, on hard floors, low-nap carpet and sidewalks.


The Terra® 4300B sweeper features an aluminum pre-filter panel that traps light bulky debris in the hopper. The pre-filter prevents clogging while offering optimum dust control. And its electric filter shaker provides excellent filter clean-back. The large four-sided steel manual dump debris hopper allows for maximum debris capacity without overflow. The hopper is easy to remove, while the dolly wheels provide a quick method to transport and empty dirt and large debris.

Advance Terra® 4300B


The Terra® 4300B rider sweeper features dual side brooms that are easy to see, allowing the operator to sweep close to walls on either side of the machine. In addition, the open front Clear-View™ design allows operators to easily see people and objects in critical sweeping areas such as doorways and corners. The battery-operated Terra® 4300B sweeper contains four batteries that provide extended run time and increased productivity. The Terra® 4300B sweeper also features an onboard battery charger for quick, convenient and cost-effective charging without the aid of a charging station.

Advance Terra® 4300B

Technical Specifications

Model Terra® 4300B
Sweep Path 46 in. (117cm)
Dual Side Broom Standard Yes
Main Broom 28 in. x 12 in. (700mm x 300mm)
Side Broom 16.5 in. (420mm)
Max Theoretical Productivity @ 3 mph 60,720 ft2/hr (5,640 m2/hr)
Hopper 2.5 ft2 (70 L)
Filter Type Panel, horizontally mounted
Filter Size 54 ft2 (5 m2)
Voltage 24V
Batteries (4) 310 Ah wet or 312 Ah maintenance-free (AGM)
Onboard Charger Standard Yes
Minimum U-Turn Aisle Width 94 in. (2,390mm)
Drive Motor 0.8 hp (600 W)
Sound Pressure Level 63.8 dB A
Dimensions (L x W x H) 58.3 in. x 36.6 in. x 48 in. (148cm x 93cm x 122cm)
Weight 562 lbs. (255 kg)
Part Number 56100785 with (4) 310 Ah wet batteries
56100787 with (4) 312 Ah maintenance-free (AGM) batteries


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