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Performance & Features

  • Large ergonomic operator comfort-zone with Clear-View™ sight lines to increase comfort and safety.
  • DustGuard™ attacks and controls dust at the side brooms for 64 inches of dust controlled sweeping.
  • Wide 35.5-inch main broom automatically adjusts broom pressure as the broom wears.
  • Analog-logic™ controls simplify operation and reduce training time.
  • Rust-proof structural roto-molded hopper with integrated 5 mph bumper extended machine life.
  • Variable dump height of up to 62 inches allows fast and simple disposal of debris.
Advance Proterra™

The Proterra™ is the ideal solution for industrial sweeping applications from factories to warehouses, parking garages to foundries and many more. The unique design makes fast work of sweeping a facility with its large cleaning path, excellent maneuverability and high capacity hopper. An ergonomic operator interface and the unique Clear-View™ sight line of critical sweep areas ensures hours of safe and comfortable sweeping.


The Proterra™ comes equipped with DustGuard™*, part of the DustClear™ 5 Stage Dust Control System. Unlike conventional mechanical broom sweeper technology, DustGuard™ addresses dust at its greatest source – the side brooms – through a fine “fog” that is applied to suppress the dust. The result is a dust controlled sweep path that is 75% more productive than its nearest competitor.

DustClear™ 5 Stage Dust Control System

  • DustGuard™ at the side brooms
  • Vacuumized main broom chamber
  • Airflow labyrinth
  • Nanofiber technology dust filter
  • Airflow restoration system with Liberator™ variable frequency filter shaker
Advance Proterra™

Operator Safety

The offset hopper allows the operator to view the side broom and the area in front of the sweeper without having to lean outside the frame of the machine, making it safe and comfortable to use. The hopper safety arm is controlled from the operator’s compartment. The operator is safe from moving parts through tip-back engine cover. Impact-absorbing body structure and 5 mph bumper provide the ultimate in operator safety.

Advance Proterra™


Technical Specifications

Model Proterra™ Engine Proterra™ Battery
Sweeping System
     Cleaning Path – Single Side Broom 51 in. (128cm) 51 in. (128cm)
     Cleaning Path – Dual Side Broom 64 in. (162cm) 64 in. (162cm)
     Main Broom Length 35.5 in. (90cm) 35.5 in. (90cm)
     Side Broom Diameter 21.7 in. (55cm) 21.7 in. (55cm)
Debris Hopper
     Volume 11 ft3 (315 L) 11 ft3 (315 L)
     Dump Height 62 in. (159cm) 62 in. (159cm)
DustClear™ 5 Stage Dust Control System
     Stage 1 DustGuard™ (optional) Side broom “fog” system 12 gal (45 L) Side broom “fog” system 12 gal (45 L)
     Stage 2 Vacuumized Main Broom Chamber Captures all dust kicked up from main broom Captures all dust kicked up from main broom
     Stage 3 Airflow Labyrinth Removes 90% of dust from the air stream Removes 90% of dust from the air stream
     Stage 4 Ultra-Web® Nanofiber Filter >98% efficient on 0.3-1.0 micron particles >98% efficient on 0.3-1.0 micron particles
     Stage 5 Airflow Restoration System Liberator™ variable frequency shaker system Liberator™ variable frequency shaker system
Power System
     Engine LP – Kubota DF972, 3 cylinder, 31.0 hp  48V, electric over hydraulic design
400 Ah C6 battery system
     Ramp Climbing 20%, (11 deg)  17% (9.6 deg)
          Front 17.5 in. (44cm) 0.8 ply 17.5 in. (44cm) 0.8 ply
          Rear 16.5 in. (42cm) 0.8 ply 16.5 in. (42cm) 0.8 ply
     Aisle U-Turn 120 in. (306cm) 120 in. (306cm)
     Length 87.4in. (222cm) 87.4in. (222cm)
     Width 52 in. (132cm) 52 in. (132cm)
     Height 57.5 in. (146cm) 57.5 in. (146cm)
     Height w/ Overhead Guard 79 in. (200cm) 79 in. (200cm)
Net Weight 2,083 lbs. (945 kg) 3,140 lbs. (1,425 kg) w/ battery
Sound Level 87 dB A at operator ear
Nationally Recognized Test Lab Certification ETL  ETL


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