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SC750™ & SC800™

Performance & Features

  • Smart Solutions™ or EcoFlex™ on all machines.
  • Green cleaning and high productivity technology.
  • SC750™ with 21 gallon (80 L) solution and recovery tanks.
  • Self adjusting skirt on disk machines.
  • SC800™ with 25 gallon (95 L) solution and recovery tanks.
  • Heavy duty scrubbing performance.
Advance SC750™ & SC800™

The rugged, low-maintenance SC750™ and SC800™ scrubbers deliver incredible value on a walk-behind platform. High productivity per tankful allows for 84 minutes of continuous scrubbing, which reduces dump/refill cycles and helps provide fast ROI. The burst of power feature lets you easily apply more pressure, more solution and more detergent at the touch of a single button. With the flexibility to easily apply the right scrubbing performance for the job, you’ll use less detergent, minimize water use and save on cleaning costs.

EcoFlex™ System

The SC800™ model is available with EcoFlex™ System which offers the flexibility to clean across the entire cleaning spectrum from green to clean. At the touch of a button one can switch from chemical-free cleaning to using an ultra-low dilution ratio, and of course detergent can be used at full strength for the toughest of soils.

EcoFlex™ System
EcoFlex™ elevates green cleaning to a new standard that promotes good health and hygiene as well as environmental sustainability. Efficient operation reduces all of the environmental impacts in cleaning – from the obvious (water, detergent) to the not-so-obvious (run-time and energy use).
Maintaining a clean, healthy environment for you and your employees is easy with EcoFlex™. Detergent use, pad pressure and flow rate are right at your fingertips. Operators can make adjustments for higher sanitary standards, different surface types or other cleaning challenges.
Flexibility means doing more with one machine. You’ll save time, use fewer machines, and reduce water and detergent costs. Today’s increasing demands for cost efficiency are tough to meet. Now you can do more with less.

Technical Specifications – SC750™

Model SC750™ ST 26D SC750™ ST 28C
Scrub System
     Scrub Head Type A.S.A.P. (All Surface All Purpose) broom designed for superior performance on all floor types.
     Scrub Path 19.7 in. (50cm)
     Productivity 7.9 in. (20cm)
          Theoretical Max @ 3.4 mph (5.5 kph) 335 rpm
          Estimated Coverage @ 2.3 mph (3.7 kph)
     Brush Pad/Driver Assembly 12.4 in. (31.5cm)
     Scrub Pressure 100 rpm
          Regular Scrub 31,200 ft2 (2,900 m2)
          Extreme Scrub 2.1 ft2 (60 L)
     Scrub Disc/Brush Speed Polyester panel filter, 10.8 ft2 (1m2)
     Solution Flow Rate/Operating Time
          Regular Scrub 0.3 hp (200 W)
          Heavy Scrub 0.05 hp (40 W)
          Extreme Scrub 0.07 hp (50 W)
     Solution Tank (1) 12V, 87 Ah maintenance free gel battery
     Solution Control 2.5 mph (4 km/hr)
          Standard Models Forward traction system capable of climbing 20% grade
          ST Models 59 dB A
Recovery System 171 lbs. (77.5 kg)
     Recovery Tank Standard on-board, 12V, 6 amp
     Vacuum Fan Length = 39 in. (99cm) / Width = 31.5 in. (80cm) / Height = 24.4 in. (62cm)
          Motor ETL, CSA, CE
          Stages 9084702010
          Waterlift 9084702010
Propulsion & Power System 9084702010
     Speed Control 9084702010
          Standard Model 9084702010
          ST Models 9084702010
     Propel Speed 9084702010
          Transport 9084702010
          Scrubbing 9084702010
     Gradeability 9084702010
          Scrubbing & Transport (full) 9084702010
          Trailer Ramp (Empty) 9084702010
     Batteries (24V System) 9084702010
     Battery Charger 9084702010
          Standard Model 9084702010
          ST Model 9084702010
     Drive Wheels 9084702010
Dimensions/Weight/Sound 9084702010
     Length Standard Model 9084702010
     Length ST Model 9084702010
     Width w/o Squeegee 9084702010
     Width w/ Squeegee 9084702010
     Height Standard Model 9084702010
     Height ST Model 9084702010
     Dry Weight w/o Batteries 9084702010
     Dry Weight w/ Standard Batteries 9084702010
     Minimum Aisle Turn 9084702010
     Sound Level (IEC 60704-1) 9084702010


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