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Are Your Operators Up to OSHA Standards?

OSHA requires it - operators need it - Shoppa's Mid America has it! Operators of powered industrial trucks must be fully trained and employer certified as required in recent federal regulation. As part of the regulation, truck operators are required to complete formal classroom training, practical hands-on training and an evaluation. Employers like yourself need an effective and comprehensive trai...
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Clean Up With 0% Financing

Clean Up with 0% Financing
Shoppa's Mid America and Advance Industrial Equipment have teamed up to bring you Advance Industrial floor cleaning equipment with low monthly payments. How it works: Take the equipment cost and divide it by 24. That's your monthly payment with a $1.00 Buy Out Purchase Option. Example: Sales Price: $10,000 Sales Price ÷ 24 Monthly Payments = $416.67 $1.00 Buy Out Purchase Option Program b...
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