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The Right Technician for the Job

Many dealerships use the "PM tech" mentality, or the idea that lesser skilled technicians should be assigned to planned maintenance calls only, while saving their best skilled technicians for breakdown service calls. However in doing so, your service department is missing a key point: customer service.     A planned maintenance technician is typically skilled in basic servic...
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All About Forklift Attachments

As useful as a forklift is, adding an attachment to it can potentially make it even more useful. There are a number of forklift attachments available that can be added to most forklifts. These attachments can provide benefits to your business such as increased efficiency, safer product handling, reduced man hours and product protection. It is important to remember that adding an attachment to y...
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How to Get Control of Your Material Handling Fleet

Fleet Management
There are many factors that go into properly managing your material handling fleet. Unfortunately, most companies do not fully examine the costs associated with managing their fleets. While the focus is predominately on repair expenses, other more significant costs could be overlooked. Here are a few areas to consider to truly get control of your material handling fleet. Utilization & Man...
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Benefits of Long-Term Renting

Benefits of Long-Term Renting
When you think of renting material handling equipment such as forklifts, most of the time you think of renting it for a short amount of time until a specific job is completed. But did you know you can rent a forklift on a long-term agreement for all your operational needs? A long-term rental agreement can last anywhere from 12 months to 60+ months. This is something important to keep in mind when ...
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How to Perform a Pre-Operation Safety Check on Your Pallet Jack

Safely operating a forklift
It is very important to ensure the safe performance of a pallet jack before each use. Therefore, a pre-operational safety inspection should be done to catch any safety concerns before they create hazards. Never use a pallet jack if it is damaged or has a defect that would prevent it from being used safely. Always report any problems you find and be sure to have a certified technician perform an...
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Preparing Your Forklift for the Summer Heat

U2741 2012 Toyota 7FDU60
It feels great to finally get a breath of fresh spring air! It's rejuvenating to get outside and enjoy your favorite outdoor activities again now that the harsh winter is over. But just as the winter cold can be hard on us, so can the summer heat. And it can be hard on your forklift as well. As you are preparing yourself for summer fun, remember to prepare your forklift for the hot weather too. ...
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The Mechanics of a Forklift Tip Over

Forklift Tip Over
A forklift tip over is one of the worst accidents an operator can experience while driving a forklift. There are many different factors that can contribute to a forklift tip over. One of the most common is when the center of gravity of the forklift shifts. The center of gravity can shift to the side of the stability triangle by turning a corner, having an unbalanced load, driving into a pothole...
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Renting Floor Cleaning Equipment: The Basics

Advance Terra® 4300B
Determining the proper floor cleaning equipment to rent can be a challenge. There are many questions you need to answer to help you select the right piece of equipment. Here are some things to consider when renting floor cleaning equipment. Type of Floor Cleaner To get the most out of the equipment in the shortest amount of time, you first need to determine the type of cleaning you want to achie...
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Everything You Wanted to Know About Forks

Fork Types
When you have a forklift, consideration must be made for the size and type of fork blades that will be used on it. Depending on what you intend to do with your forklift, the forks may need to be extremely short, as in handling small pallets, or extremely long if you are handling lighter weight but bulkier loads. You must also decide whether standard taper forks will suffice or if you will need...
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Maintaining & Inspecting Your Forklift’s Forks

Fork Calipers
The forks attached to your forklift are a heavy duty item and rarely need replacing when treated and maintained properly. They may seem indestructible, however they are a wearable item. Some reasons why forks may wear faster than they should include: A good rule of thumb is to remember that a ten percent (10%) reduction in fork blade thickness equals a twenty percent reduction of capacity. ...
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